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Warm Hearts of Africa is a charitable movement founded by Michael Gregson and Matthew Steele, two friends and colleagues who undertook short term humanitarian missions in Malawi, assisting an HIV/AIDS volunteer organization. Upon returning to Canada in August of 06, after their first stint, they felt the need to empower those with whom they have worked. From these humble beginnings, the movement was set in motion across the country. Through goals of small business development, improvement in education and the strengthening of health care, we help Malawians help themselves.
From Vancouver to Kitchener, from Toronto to Montreal, people have attended and supported Warm Hearts of Africa events and initiatives. A dedicated team of volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes to make these events successful.

Michael Gregson Bio:
Michael is a native of Kitchener, Ontario now living and working
in Toronto. A former teacher, Michael now works for Abbvie
in the HIV Patient Support. His first mission to Malawi came
from an innate desire to give above and beyond himself…a
notion which he puts into effect with each fundraiser and
school awareness presentation.
Favourite Quote:
Never regret the things you’ve done. Only the things you haven’t.
Matthew Steele Bio:
A 20 year pharmaceutical industry veteran with over 13 years
experience in the field of HIV/AIDS at Abbott Laboratories. The
impetus for volunteering came from his first hand experience in
Canada with the ravages of HIV and the exponentially worse
situation in the developing world. Matthew is a Vancouver
native who now resides in Toronto and is currently Business Unit Manager, HIV at Abbvie.
Favourite Quote:
If we can make a difference to save one person, than it was all worth it.
Kitchener Event Team: Daniel Girard, Chris Farley, Dan Levine, Sonia Ryan, Eva Lewis, and Alicia Cowan
Vancouver Event Team: Lynne Steele, Marneaux Steele, Carmine Paradiso
Montreal Event Team: Nadia Boucher, Dianne Stephens, Laurie Dotto
Toronto Event Team: Nancy DeAlmeida, Anita Barnes, Shelley Westergard

To date, the projects funded through Warm Hearts of Africa have been chosen and supervised by Mike and Matthew through their frequent visits to Malawi. For the Tikondane Project, a partnership was established with the National Aids Service Organization, MANASO, (www.manaso.org) in order to provide ongoing, ground level support and oversight. In addition, we are working with a nationally recognized community assistance group, AYISE, (Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement, www.ayisemw.org. AYISE helps to administer and provide oversight over the St. Paul’s project as well as the Malawi Future Leaders fund.

Together, this ensures a high level of accountability and direction over all funds raised through Warm Hearts of Africa. This way, you know exactly where your money is going and how it will be used.

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