The projects are funded through Warm Hearts of Africa. The St. Paul’s Private Secondary School land purchase and rebuild is made possible through a partnership with the Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club’s international AID fund. This organization has made it possible for Warm Hearts of Africa to continue it’s work with St. Paul’s, its student body and the community of Blantyre, Malawi. Learn more about Malawi


St. Paul’s Private Secondary School

In 2010 the James Vatistas Bursary and Food Program was established to shoulder the school fees of 50 impoverished children (25 girls/25 boys) and support a daily meal for their families.
STATUS: Now completed is the construction of the new St. Paul’s, henceforth known as the “Maeve-Eile Academy”. This $70,000 project will ensure the education of these and other children in the challenging Bangwe district of Blantyre.

Tikondane HIV Community Support Centre

Completed the funding for this project at the end of 2011. In addition to the building itself, the establishment of an agricultural education program was funded in addition to the purchase of a motorcycle for the organization for the delivery of much needed HIV medication
STATUS: The project is complete and operating successfully

Nkhamenya Hospital


This rural hospital services 30,000 people in northern Malawi. It is run largely by nurses and clinical officers as there are no actual physicians on site. $125,000.00 was raised throughout 2008 and 2009 to build a new Outpatient Clinic. This included a one time donation from Abbott Canada of $50,000.00. The hospital has dramatically increased its focus on HIV testing and counselling. The total number of patients on antiretroviral therapy has increased from 50 in 2007 to 550 in 2009.
STATUS: project is complete!

Malawi Future Leaders Fund


During their 3 visits to Malawi since 2006, both Michael and Matthew were moved by the level of need within the country. That being said, they were also impressed with the wealth of talent, leadership and potential on display. In response, some modest funds have been set aside to support educational advancement in select individuals.
EG. Anisha Bonomali–15 year old HIV positive girl supporting 4 brothers and sisters, and 2 nieces. WHOA helped purchase this family a new home, food and is sending Anisha to school.
EG. Sauscetain Kabichi–gifted student taking social development course at Blantyre College. He hopes to one day work for MANASO (Malawian Network of AIDS Service Organizations).
STATUS: Ongoing.

CAPLWHA Poultry Project

The first project undertaken by Warm Hearts of Africa provided an HIV/AIDS volunteer organization (CAPLWHA–Caring For People Living With HIV/AIDS) with a self sustaining enterprise. The members of this group have used this poultry project to raise chickens and eggs for their own consumption, to sell the produce to fund their enterprise and to support the terminally ill HIV patients in Blantyre’s poorest district, Limbe.
STATUS: Complete